‘Tis the season to be jolly! Each holiday season, something special happens: diverse groups come together, we surrender our differences, and kindness is spread throughout. This month, we sat down with Andrew Black, Regional Director of the Texas Hunger Initiative to learn about the many acts of kindness and collaboration that are happening with the … Continued

  There are few things as inherently southern as love of country, love for family, and a deep and profound appreciation for a great steak. And here on the Llano Estacado, there is one producer that has made quite a name for himself by cultivating the highest quality of beef, pork, lamb, and goat in … Continued

[slideshow]When I think of pecans, I think of Thanksgiving, my Granny and the gooey delicious stuff inside of her pecan pies that inspires both my dad and his brother to elbow their way past each other like hungry coyotes in an attempt to get to the first piece. Of all the desserts at Thanksgiving, this … Continued

The GRUB program (Growing Recruits for Urban Business) began in 2000 in Lubbock, Texas. It was developed by the South Plains Food Bank (SPFB). The program educates youth in life and jobs skills in a farm and community garden atmosphere. The SPFB is working to “plant seeds of change in our young people” as director … Continued

The semester has wound down. I have turned in my final paper. Now I’m ready to open a bottle of wine and relax. Luckily, my favorite wine is made

Cuisine on the Llano Estacado would be quite limited if we residents shared only one culture. Thankfully, the Llano is endowed by many cultures, none more prominent than those of the Hispanic world. Recall that for 400 years, the Llano region has been traveled and periodically settled by inhabitants of New Mexico—not to mention the … Continued